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Programmer/Analyst & IT Professional
More than 10 years of hands-on experience developing and deploying mission-critical systems, utilizing a variety of programming languages, databases, and technologies, for mid-to-large-size corporations in a variety of business environments including manufacturing, commercial software development, wholesale distribution, government, and education.

Employment Experience:
Independent Consulting/Education                                              (01/2006 - Present)
Providing programming services and completing college coursework for certificate programs.

Cal-Steam, Inc., Hayward, CA                                                      (06/2003 – 1/2006)
IT Programmer. Responsible for developing and implementing systems to support this wholesale plumbing distributor with 10 satellite sales/distribution centers in Northern CA. I created programming standards and methodologies to bring modern programming techniques to legacy applications and wrote a vision, design, and implementation plan for the company's IT systems.

Independent Consulting                                                               (01/2001 - 06/2003)
Provided programming and system management services to various clients.

Advanced Data Exchange (ADX), Fremont, CA                            (07/2000 - 01/2001)
MIS Manager, Internal Applications. Managed in-house staff and outside consultants. Converted legacy sales data to a SQL Server database and generated conversion validation reports. Wrote routines to import Oracle data to Clarify CRM system. Customized, installed, and maintained a Clarify CRM system using ClearBasic.

Independent Consulting                                                               (02/1999 - 07/2000)
Provided programming and system management services to various clients.

Sanmina Corp., Santa Clara, CA                                                  (01/1996 - 02/1999)
Supervisor of Programming Development. Developed and implemented MRP systems to support large PCB and contract manufacturing operations. I customized modules including accounting, manufacturing, inventory, distribution, and order management using the Informix 4GL and C. I managed and led the team responsible for maintaining the systems. I was on the team that implemented SAP modules for accounting.

HOPS, Inc., Miami Beach, FL                                                        (03/1994 - 01/1996)
Systems Development. Designed and built a GUI report writer and programming tools for the company's proprietary database engine using C. Built a custom retail-sales analysis system for client (Walgreens) that acquired data from an IBM mainframe and served database requests from an AS/400 system using the proprietary database engine and C.

Lifescan, Inc., Milpitas, CA                                                           (08/1988 - 03/1994)
Senior Programmer/Analyst. Designed and built a custom order-management, inventory, and distribution system; a custom EDI system to interface with the McKesson EDI clearinghouse; and customized the accounting systems to support Lifescan's large R&D and manufacturing operations. Performed UNIX an database administrator functions.

CCS, Inc., Fremont, CA                                                                 (01/1980 - 08/1988)
Senior Programmer/Analyst. Built and customized a variety of vertical-market systems and applications that were sold by the company nationwide. Specific project areas I worked on included municipal government systems, hotel reservation systems, school class scheduling, payroll and accounting systems, and the campus housing system used by the University of California, Berkeley.

Consulting/Contractor Experience:
181 Engineering, Sunnyvale, CA                                                    (08/2006 – 03/2007)
Wrote a Visual Basic program to control the operations of a laser jig.

Axon, Inc., San Jose, CA                                                                (08/1988 - present)
Used RDBMS, Visual Basic, and Perl to build and enhance the company's in-house computer systems that cover accounting, payroll, recruiting, job-matching, and document scanning and management. The company is a temporary staffing agency.

Futronix, Inc., Sunnyvale, CA                                                         (03/2001 - 04/2002)
Provided occasional system support and troubleshooting expertise, as needed, for their PC Windows 95/98 corporate network. Designed and developed company's website using HTML and JavaScript.

HADCO, Inc. (now Sanmina Corp), Santa Clara, CA                       (03/1999 - 04/2000)
Provided program maintenance and services to convert systems to a Progress database.

Melaleuca Inc., Idaho Falls, ID                                                        (12/2002 - 02/2003)
Customized order processing, shipping, and distribution programs on a UniData system using UniBasic, Visual Basic, and SQL Server.

Millennium Realty, Pleasanton, CA                                                 (05/2002 - 06/2003)
Designed and provided occasional support, as needed, for their corporate PC Windows NT network.

Mozzetti Accountancy Corporation, Santa Clara, CA                      (03/1998 - 01/2000)
Designed and provided occasional support, as needed, for their corporate PC Windows NT network.

Santa Clara County Office of Education, San Jose, CA                   (02/1999 - 02/2000)
Customized and implemented a new county-wide school district payroll system incorporating a variety of unique pay code accounting requirements. Converted legacy mainframe data to the new RDBMS system.

SEMIX, Inc., Fremont, CA                                                                (12/2001 - 06/2003)
Provided occasional system support and troubleshooting expertise for their PC Windows NT corporate and off-site network.

TAG Aviation, Burlingame, CA                                                        (03/2000 - 07/2000)
Customized accounting programs. The company manages an international fleet of private aircraft.


<TR><TD>Pascal</TD><TD>Ruby</TD><TD>PICK BASIC</TD></TR> <TR><TD>PHP</TD><TD>Smalltalk</TD><TD>Business Basic</TD></TR> <TR><TD> </TD></TR> <TR><TD>Databases:</TD></TR> <TR><TD>Informix</TD><TD">MS SQL</TD><TD>MySQL</TD></TR> <TR><TD>Oracle</TD><TD>PICK/UniVerse</TD><TD>UniData</TD></TR> <TR><TD> </TD></TR> <TR><TD>Operating Systems:</TD></TR> <TR><TD>Windows/MS-DOS</TD><TD>UNIX/Linux</TD><TD>Macintosh OS</TD></TR> <TR><TD>Palm OS</TD><TD>PICK/Multivalue</TD></TR> </TABLE>

  • University of California Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
    • Certificate in Computer Information Systems: Analysis and Design (pursuing)
      • Introduction to C Language Programming (completed)
      • Using the UNIX Operating System (completed)
      • Systems Analysis and Design (completed)
      • Applying Structured Techniques (enrolled)
      • Fundamentals of Data Communications and Networking (enrolled)
  • Ohlone College, Fremont, CA
    • Java Developer Certificate (pursuing)
      • Java Programming (completed)
      • Javascript for Web Development (completed)
    • Computer Programming Certificate (pursuing)
      • Introduction to Computer Programming Using C++ (completed)
      • C++ Programming - An Object-Oriented Language (completed)
      • PERL Programming (completed)
      • Adv Interactivity in Flash (completed)
    • Oracle database administration Certificate (pursuing)
      • Introduction to SQL and PL/SQL Programming (completed)
  • Chabot College, Hayward, CA
    • Major in Computer Sciences – IT, completed 77.83 units
  • SAP - BC405 ABAP/4 DW Reporting
  • Clarify Corp. - Clear Customize, Clear Fundamentals, Data Modeling, System Administration
  • Apple Computer – Programming with MacApp 3 (C++)
Programming Languages:
Java and JavaScriptPerl